Join the Sticky Blogging course + convert your readers to TRUE FANS

Convert your readers to true fans.

You churn out post after post, week after week, and where does it get you?

You're doing as much as you possibly can (while still getting some sleep), but you're just not growing how you'd like to be. And that "passive" income everyone talks about? Ha.

The truth is you don't need a million page views to be a trusted and respected blogger who makes a sustainable income from her blog.

What you need is a posse of true fans who take the next step to subscribe or follow you. Fans who click your affiliate links. Fans who buy your products.

And to get there, you need to know exactly how to convert a reader to a loyal fan who keeps coming back for MORE.

With Sticky Blogging in your back pocket, you'll have the exact step-by-step process for turning a one-time visitor into a long-term fan.




Cranking out more and more content – desperately hoping something (anything) will take off – is not a recipe for blogging success. The Sticky Blogging master class is backed by the science of how readers read because you need proven strategies that will grow your blog.

When you put the full power of Sticky Blogging to work for you, NOTHING will stand between you and your full blogging potential.

You'll finally have everything you need to convert one-time readers into loyal fans.

This isn't theory. This isn't a gimmick. This is science.

And that's why Sticky Blogging works.

With the Sticky Blogging master class, you will...


Sticky Blogging gives you the power to inspire, empower, and reassure. The power to fill your readers with awe, hope, and joy. And readers will remember you for it.


If you're passionate about informing your readers, statistics and logical reasoning won't get through. But Sticky Blogging will.


To achieve blogging success, you need to find your 1,000 true fans. Fans who will read every post and even buy your products. Sticky Blogging will help you find your true fans and convert them to subscribers or followers.


Want your content shared on social media? Want to go viral? Connection is what you need, and Sticky Blogging teaches you exactly how to write for connection.


Too much to do, not enough time? With this course, you get a master checklist so you can write faster and stop spinning your wheels on tasks that don't help you achieve your goals.


With Sticky Blogging by your side, you'll banish that pesky self-doubt that eats away at you. You'll write with confidence, knowing you're following all the steps to connect with your true fans.

"When I first heard about Sticky Blogging, honestly I felt like it would be more work when I already had enough to do. I was on the hamster wheel of page views, cranking out post after post after post. It's so easy to fall into that trap because so many other bloggers are doing that. It feels like the only way to succeed is to post three, five, or more days a week.

But how many people are you really connecting with when you're just blasting them with content? And you're going to run out of steam. That's the path I was on.

Because of Kelly's 4-week course, I'm over chasing page views. Been there, done that. You'll never have enough page views, but if you're connecting with your true fans, that's all you need.

There's a huge difference between "here's a recipe" and that feeling of sitting down in your living room with your girlfriends, passing around your favorite recipes that really work for your family. It's the connection. And I've seen firsthand that one "sticky" post is more valuable to me than three or four that aren't."

 – Rebecca Cooper, Simple As That

Niche: Food, simplicity, and photography


This course gives you power-packed modules including:

  • Write Grabby Headlines – You could write the most perfect blog post in the world, but if you can’t get the reader to click your title, you’re done. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. In this module, you'll get the exact steps for coming up with a headline the reader can't resist.
  • Knock Every Post out of the Park – Why do some posts flop while others take off? This module will reveal the two essential ingredients every post must have in order to be viral-worthy. 
  • Tap Into the Reader's Emotions – You need to keep readers coming back for more. Get them to sign up for your mailing list. Like your Facebook page. Buy your e-books. This module gives you the best shortcuts for connecting on a deeper level so you can convert your reader into a loyal fan.
  • Stop Scaring the Reader Away – When readers land on your post, they rarely read all the way to the end. Some don’t even make it halfway. But a few simple tricks can string your reader along and keep her reading until she becomes a fan.
  • Take the Guesswork out of Grammar – Present perfect progressive tense, nonrestrictive modifiers, predicate nominatives…say what? In this module, you'll find out the game-changing secret about grammar no English teacher wants you to know.
  • Trim the Fat – Flabby writing is a surefire way to lose your reader’s interest. You'll learn the warning signs, plus how to fix it to keep your readers glued to the screen.
  • Write FasterSpeed up your writing process and demystify the editing process to get the most out of your blogging time. With this module, you'll get the most powerful template to use with every post to make sure you tick all the Sticky Blogging and SEO boxes. Plus, you'll get a cheat sheet you can use for every new post to avoid the dreaded Blank Screen effect.
  • Make It Sticky – In this live video session, we'll step through 2-3 posts hand-picked from students and make them "sticky" right before your eyes.
  • Convert Your Readers to Fans – Getting the reader all the way to the end of your post is only half the battle. To reach your blogging goals, you need to convert her to a fan who keeps coming back for more. But how do you actually do that? This module will teach you the quickest and most effective strategies.
  • ...and more

"When I first started blogging, so many of my posts fell flat. I felt stumped and wondered what I was doing wrong.

While taking the Sticky Blogging master class, my eyes opened. I started to connect with my readers through emotion and storytelling. After several big shares on social media and a viral post, I was sold. Kelly’s course was the knowledge I needed to take my blog to the next level.

Since taking her course, my page views tripled."

 – Lauren Tamm, The Military Wife and Mom

Niche: Military life and parenting


  • The Master Class 9 modules, along with supplemental live video Q&As, that put the full power of Sticky Blogging in your hands. You get two modules every week that will take you about 30 minutes each, with a total time commitment of about an hour a week. (Value: $499)
  • The Master Checklist Use this pre-publish checklist to turn every post into a fan-converting machine. (Value: $99) 
  • Lifetime Access Other courses require a monthly subscription fee for lifetime access, but with Sticky Blogging you get all the course materials forever and ever, including all future updates. (Value: $499 a year)
  • The Support Group Get access to the private Facebook community—like a built-in blogging tribe. Post your homework answers to get feedback from your instructor, ask any questions you have, and connect with your fellow Sticky Bloggers. (Value: $99)  
  • The "Make It Sticky" Event In this live and recorded video event, we step through two real posts from students in your class and apply everything you’ve learned so far. (Value: $299)  

Total Sticky Blogging value: $1,495



If you enroll before the timer runs out, you also get access to...

  • The Headline Swipe File Get a handy cheat sheet of 20 powerful, proven formulas for irresistible headlines. (Value: $49)
  • The Project Plan + Editorial Calendar This step-by-step guide leads you through creating a doable project plan to find your true fans. (Value: $149)  
  • The Blank Screen Fighter This worksheet eliminates the Blank Screen effect when you sit down to write a new post. (Value: $49) 
  • The 30-Minute Makeover When you’re revising an archive post and you don’t have time for a full update, use this cheat sheet to get the biggest bang for your time. (Value: $49)
  • The Sticky Headline Rubik's Cube Quickly find the most powerful word for your headline, email subject line, call to action, and more. (Value: $49)
  • Bonus Module: How to Set up an Email List That Will Delight Your Readers In this advanced course module, discover how to make your mailing list work for you to deliver traffic and income. (Value: $99)  

Total value with bonuses: $1,939

"I've been a professional blogger for more than five years, so it's not like I'm a newbie or anything. Still, after taking the Sticky Blogging master class, I completely revised my entire writing process.

While taking the full course, I had a couple of important sponsored posts lined up. I decided to take some of Kelly's concepts for a spin. After finishing my first "sticky" post, I emailed the agency to let them know I was ready for revisions.

The agency's response? The client is blown away. There's not a single revision. Please share it as soon as possible. That's almost unheard of; brands always have revisions.

Needless to say, I've used Sticky Blogging strategies in every single sponsored post on my schedule since then. When you take the time to wow an agency, they offer you sponsored work again and again. Repeat clients pave the road to financial success.

In today's online environment, it can feel nearly impossible for new bloggers to catch the attention of brands. Follow Sticky Blogging guidelines in your day-to-day writing, and you'll stand out. This is how to leave your competition in the dust."

 – Zina Harrington, Let's Lasso the Moon 

Niche: Food, travel, crafts, and parenting

The Course

In two lessons a week for four weeks, this course will transform the way you blog. Starts Monday, October 15. Learn more.


Total value: $1,939

Two options: Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $114.50.

The Course + Workbook

Everything you get in the 4-week course, plus a printable workbook with bonus exercises and examples. Learn more.


Total value: $1,959

Two options: Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $124.50.

Everything + Study Group

Everything plus a 4-week study group of you and just a few peers. Pick your start date: Nov 26 or Jan 7. Learn more.


Total value: $2,188

Payment schedule: $249.00 today, $249.00 one month from today.


It's Saturday morning, and the house is quiet because you're the only one awake. Still in your pajamas, you cuddle up on the sofa with your first cup of coffee and your laptop.

When you pull up your inbox, you remember. Oh, right.

You'd published a new "sticky" post yesterday afternoon and scheduled an email newsletter to go out this morning to your followers.

And the newsletter must have already gone out because in your inbox, you see them. Email after email after email from your true fans.

"This is awesome! I just pinned this and shared it on my Facebook wall!"

"You have no idea how much I needed this today."

"I feel like you can see inside my head. You get me."

And above those emails?

PayPal notifications. So many PayPal notifications. Because you linked to your e-book in that one email.

While you were sleeping, your blog was working for you:

  • So you can pay off every last cent of that nagging credit card debt. 
  • So you can stay home with your kids. 
  • So you can be your own boss and work when you want to (and enjoy a healthy dose of time off, too).

All because you stopped chasing page views and became a Sticky Blogger, purposefully building your posse of true fans.

And you never even had to change out of your jammies.


These unsolicited comments came directly from students after recent editions of the Sticky Blogging master class...

About Kelly Holmes, Your Sticky Blogger-in-Chief

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company with hundreds of communications professionals on staff.

Co-workers sent my boss emails saying I was the best writer and editor at the company. One person called me a "marketing minx" because of my knack for grabbing a reader's attention and never letting go. People throughout the company would seek me out to help craft communication to inspire customers or employees to take action.

Not because I had some inherent gift. Because I studied the craft of writing constantly. Studied, honed, and studied some more.

After a long career as a corporate professional and now in my role as a full-time blogger at and as a freelance book editor, I know what you need to do to connect on a deeper level with your reader.

Remember: When you connect with your reader like that, your reader becomes your true fan.

This 4-week e-course will give you access to the secrets I learned after nearly 20 years of studying writing and how best to convert a reader into a fan.

Except instead of you having to read stacks and stacks of books and thousands of articles, I’ve condensed all the best strategies into a course you can do on your own schedule, at your own pace. And with lifetime access to the course, you can go through it as often as you want to refresh your memory.


Here's what happened when a food and natural living blogger signed up for Sticky Blogging... 

The Course

In two lessons a week for four weeks, this course will transform the way you blog. Starts Monday, October 15.


Total value: $1,939

Two options: Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $114.50.

The Course + Workbook

Everything you get in the 4-week course, plus a printable workbook with bonus exercises and examples.


Total value: $1,959

Two options: Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $124.50.

Everything + Study Group

Everything plus a 4-week study group of you and just a few peers. Pick your start date: Nov 26 or Jan 7.


Total value: $2,188

Payment schedule: $249.00 today, $249.00 one month from today.

The Course

This course will take you off the hamster wheel of chasing page views and put you on the path to finding your true fans. You get:

  • Two lessons each week, so you can keep up with life while you take your blogging to the next level
  • Practical exercises in every lesson to improve your existing blog posts right now – no bogus theoretical "homework" in this course
  • Bonus nuggets of wisdom from Kelly to inspire you
  • Several printable tools you can use as you write, including a master editing checklist to help you make sure your future blog posts are the best they can be
  • Lifetime access to a private community where you and your fellow bloggers can ask questions, request feedback on your writing, and share tips with each other
  • Plus lifetime access to the course and any future updates


Total value: $1,939

Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $114.50.

The Course + Workbook

Research shows that note-taking on paper is a more effective way to learn than doing all your reading and note-taking on a computer. Old school for the win!

That's why this workbook is the perfect tool for keeping you on track and completing your transformation to a Sticky Blogger. The workbook includes:

  • All the lessons in a PDF format you can print
  • Bonus worksheets to put Sticky Blogging to work on your blog immediately
  • The ability to take notes in the margins, highlight your "aha" moments, and get serious about the learning process
  • Extra examples from actual blog posts in various niches to help you learn each new technique

Warning: You can't order this workbook separately later. Get it now, and you'll be 100% prepared for class on day one.


Total value: $1,959

Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $124.50.

Everything + Study Group

Get personal one-on-one attention from Kelly in this follow-up study group for serious Sticky Bloggers. Here's how it works:

  • After the full course ends, starting on Nov 26 or Jan 7 (your choice), this small group of committed bloggers meets online once a week in a live video meeting
  • Every week, you trade posts with a fellow blogger and share feedback for how to make that post "sticky"
  • Kelly leads the weekly meeting to share specific actions you can take to convert more visitors to loyal fans
  • Every study group member gets personal feedback from Kelly on one post about how to make it sticky
  • Payment schedule: Half today, half one month from today

Note: Signing up for this group is not to be taken lightly. It will be hard work, but it will pay off. Because of the nature of this group, only a small number of spots are available.


Total value: $2,188

Payment schedule: $249.00 today, $249.00 one month from today.


I'm so confident that blogging in this way will bring you faster results that this course includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If after you complete the course and consistently apply the Sticky Blogging techniques for 60 days, you don't see the results you expect, email me and I'll work with you one-on-one to come up with a plan to get you on track.


To be clear:

  • This course won’t focus on basic tips like "run a spell-checker" – although that’s important.
  • We won’t be diagramming sentences to learn all the nitpicky grammar rules. 
  • This is not a "Blogging 101" course. In other words, it won’t teach you how to get a domain name and start a blog.

But if you’re ready to kick your blog up a notch – or 20 – this course is for you.

What you will get is a toolbox of easy-to-implement tricks to take your blog to the next level.

And the next level is where you tickle your reader’s funny bone, or fill her eyes with tears, or get her dander up.

Because when you connect with your readers, they'll share your posts. They'll comment. They’ll come back, again and again.

You’ll learn:

  • How to craft an irresistible headline that attracts your perfect reader so she can't help but click through,  
  • What you're doing that's scaring readers away when you could be attracting them instead, 
  • How to combine Sticky Blogging and SEO best practices in every post to keep readers glued to the screen and make the SEO bots happy,
  • How to convert one-time readers to loyal fans who eagerly anticipate every new post, can't wait to share your content, and buy everything you recommend,
  • ...and more.

With short, practical strategies you can easily implement and priceless printables you'll find yourself using for every post you publish, this course gives you the tools you need to become a stronger blogger so you can inspire and entertain your readers.

Whether your goal is to touch people’s lives or to make a decent living from your blog (or both) – turning your reader into a fan is the first and most essential step. When you do that, your subscriber list will grow, and the time readers spend on your site will skyrocket.


Q: How much time will this course take me?

This course is designed for busy bloggers who can't afford to put everything else on hold for an e-course.

Starting Monday, October 15, you'll receive two lessons each week for four weeks. Each lesson will take you approximately 30 minutes, for a total time commitment of one hour a week

You can go through the lessons on your own schedule, so you don't have to be free at any specific time. You'll also get access to a live Q&A video with me for every lesson to get answers to any questions you have. (The video is also recorded in case you can't make it live!)

Q: What if I don't have my blog started yet? Or what if my blog is still brand new?

Full disclosure: The Sticky Blogging master class doesn't step you through the basics of setting up a blog the first time. With that said, I've had students who start the course with no blog in place, students who've been blogging for 10+ years, and everyone in between.  

So it really depends on your personal preference. My students who are just starting their blogs tell me they're grateful to have taken Sticky Blogging at the very beginning of their blogging journey because they can start off the right way, connecting with readers and converting them to true fans with every post they publish.  

Also, because I'm an engaged instructor during the course, I encourage students to ask any and all questions about blogging in our private class group – not just about the course material. So if you're at the beginning stage of your blogging journey, during the course I'm available to answer any questions you have, from how to choose a host to picking a blogging platform to social media tactics and more.

Q: I can barely keep up with posting regularly. How can I possibly add an online course to my to-do list, too?

It's time to step off the treadmill of churning out more and more content. You'll be more likely to achieve your long-term blogging goals if you put your basic everyday tasks on hold while you take this course. 

Instead of posting three times a week, cut back to once or twice. Instead of spending an hour "networking" on Facebook, close that browser tab. Instead of using every spare moment to pin or tweet or check Google Analytics, stop. Take the time to invest in your future, and it will pay off.

Q: Writing for connection makes sense. But what about SEO?

Balancing writing for a real live reader and writing for a machine can be difficult. The Sticky Blogging master class teaches you the template to use to tick all the Sticky Blogging and SEO boxes.

I also teach an in-depth SEO course, and I would never recommend an approach that would hurt you from an SEO perspective.

Q: How is this course different from your SEO course?  

The Sticky SEO course teaches you only how to grow your organic search traffic from Google and other sources. SEO is the focus of that course, not an overall blogging strategy.  

The Sticky Blogging master class teaches you how to write a blog post that will connect with the reader and convert her to a fan who keeps coming back for more. Because to reach your long-term blogging goals, you need to find your true fans. Those are the people who will share your posts, click your affiliate links, and subscribe to your list. And that's when growth happens.  

The Sticky Blogging master class does include some SEO tips and tricks, but the focus of the course is to give you an overall blogging strategy to help you reach all your blogging goals.

Q: I've spent money on other e-courses before and been disappointed. Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

I get it because as a blogger, I've had that experience with other e-courses myself. This course includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after you complete the course and consistently apply the Sticky Blogging techniques for 60 days, you don't see the results you expect, email me and I'll work with you one-on-one to come up with a plan to get you on track.

After the course ends, you'll also get lifetime access to a private alumni group that I run for students, where you can ask questions, request feedback, and share your "aha" moments. In other words, you won't take this class once and never hear from me again. You'll be a part of the tight-knit Sticky Blogging family.

Q: How do I know this style of blogging will work for my niche?

I'll let you in on a secret: Sticky Blogging isn't about blogging. It's about people. Whether you're writing a blog post or an email or a presentation you'll deliver in person, they all have one thing in common: The people on the receiving end.

The reason Sticky Blogging works for any niche is that it's based on the science of how people read and of what moves them to action, from subscribing to your mailing list to clicking your affiliate links or buying your products.

If your goal is to connect with your readers and convert them to fans who will come back again and again, it doesn't matter if your niche is DIY, kids' activities, or people who like to travel the world with their cats.

To be clear, your audience is unique. But that's not because of your niche. Your audience is unique because it's perfectly tailored to your voice and your style. Sticky Blogging gives you the science-backed tools to reach your perfect fans – no matter your niche.

Q: I'm interested in the full course, but I can't start Monday, October 15. When will you offer it again?

It may be a while because I'm running the Study Group after this course ends. I typically open registration just once or twice a year. You can stay on the mailing list to hear about the next time, but in the meantime that leaves you blogging the same way you've always blogged and expecting different results. 

Here's the truth: Research on time perceptions shows that we typically imagine we'll be less busy in the future. But we're mistaken.

Later is like a mirage in the desert. When you get there, you realize it was a trick of the mind, and now your list is even longer. Stop telling yourself you’ll have more time later. It’s a lie. For all those things you think you’ll get to "one day," you probably won’t

And every time you push something out in your mind, you’ll be disappointed in yourself. Those untackled projects and goals will weigh you down. Sign up today, put it on your calendar, and start down the road that leads to achieving your blogging goals.

Q: What if I'll be on vacation for a bit during the 4 weeks of the course?

Because the total time commitment is just one hour a week, my students who have been in this position find it easy to jump right back into the course when they're back in town. 

Q: Will I need any special tools or programs to go through the course?

All you need is yourself and your web browser. Your blogging platform doesn't matter, either. (I've even had many students who don't have a blog up and running quite yet. They wanted to start off the right way to find their true fans from day one!)

You'll access the course on a web site, and you'll have a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support throughout your learning process.




You won't succeed by just pumping out more content in a crowded market. But after this course, you'll know exactly how to publish content your visitors can't resist. And you'll convert your visitors to loyal fans who keep coming back for more and more and MORE.

Bottom line: When you put the Sticky Blogging system in place, your blogging goals will become a reality.

The Course


Total value: $1,939

Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $114.50.

The Course + Workbook


Total value: $1,959

Make one payment or 2 monthly payments of $124.50.

Everything + Study Group


Total value: $2,188

Payment schedule: $249.00 today, $249.00 one month from today.