What You'll Get Inside

Your SEO Decoder Ring

In this 5-day email course plus handy cheat sheet, you'll get:

  • One simple "aha moment" analogy that will help you understand SEO (and why you should care—when you already have a million other things to worry about as a blogger)
  • Three things you can stop doing today because they're not helping you rank higher on Google anyway
  • The secret to ranking on Google that most people miss (hint: it's not knowing all the jargon)
  • One wicked-simple trick every blogger can use to get found on Google
  • A bonus action plan to help you grow your search traffic...which is the whole point, right?
Kelly Holmes

About Kelly Holmes, Your SEO Code-Breaker

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company. My first quest in that job? Learn a programming language and teach customers how to use it. Customers who knew nothing about programming to start with.  

This meant I had to get comfortable with highly technical concepts and tasks – quickly. But I'm incredibly thankful that I had this experience early in my career. Because it helped me perfect the art of translating technical gobbledygook into something that actually makes sense to real people.

When I left my corporate job to become a blogger, I used my tech background to crack the code of SEO. My page views from Google exploded

Since then, I've helped thousands of other bloggers climb to the top of Google and grow their page views from search – double, triple, and even 10x where they started. Now, you can get my free SEO Decoder Ring mini-course and start down the same path.