Grow Your Search Traffic With Sticky SEO
The Sticky SEO Course

Grow your traffic...without social media.

Facebook reach is declining, the Pinterest smart feed algorithm seems to change every day, and Instagram is fun but doesn't drive much traffic.

You've heard that growing your search traffic is a dependable, drama-free way to increase your page views. do you do that, exactly?

What you need is a step-by-step SEO system for busy bloggers that doesn't bog you down with technical jargon. A proven SEO strategy that will help you reach tons of new readers without devoting hours and hours to it every week. You need Sticky SEO.




The truth is that you can't afford to pin all your traffic hopes on social media. Because that leaves you at the mercy of every change to the Facebook organic reach algorithm, every tweak to the Pinterest smart feed, and every other social media whim.

SEO has the potential to offer you higher, more consistent results. Even a viral Facebook post tends to die out after a few days. But if you land the top spot on Google for a juicy keyword? That will deliver consistent traffic for months (or years) afterward without any additional action needed from you.

With the Sticky SEO course, you will...


When you put the Sticky SEO strategy in place, you'll be on the road to higher traffic and ad revenue.


With this proven SEO strategy in your back pocket, you'll have the confidence to set your sights on new keywords without feeling overwhelmed by a lengthy process.


Get your best content in front of new readers who could become loyal fans. Because it's loyal fans who join your mailing list, follow you on social media, or buy your products – or all of the above.


Stabilize your traffic and declare your independence from social media algorithm tweaks.


Stop spinning your wheels on blogging tasks that don't deliver long-term results. Redirect that time to implementing this SEO strategy and get more for your time.


Learn how to rank for the topics that are core to your voice, your brand, and your niche instead of for random topics like "how to shave a sheep in Minecraft without shears."

"When I took the Sticky SEO class, I was skeptical because I'm not very technical so most SEO terms go over my head. But this course was 100% clear and easy to understand, even to me.  

The lessons helped me find a keyword that aligned perfectly with what I already write about for my readers. I put together one post for that keyword following the strategy Kelly outlines in the course. That post started gaining traction over time, gaining more and more traffic every month. One year later, that one single post is bringing me more than 30,000 page views a month.  

That's more page views from one post than I was getting to my whole site from organic search before taking the course. Since then, I've applied the Sticky SEO strategy to more and more posts, growing my search traffic to more than five times where it was before the course.  

SEO is a lot of work, and it takes time, but it is absolutely worth it as a blogger. Because now I can stop worrying so much about Facebook organic reach and the Pinterest algorithm change of the month and have a steady baseline of solid, dependable traffic from search."

– Rachel Norman, A Mother Far From Home


In 10 modules, this course gives you everything you need to conquer SEO once and for all. After this course, you'll know how to:

  • Set Yourself up for Success – Many bloggers spin their wheels trying to grow search traffic because they haven't set their site up in a way to play nice with Google. This module includes a step-by-step tutorial for setting up Google Search Console the right way, plus a run-down of which SEO tools are necessary (and which ones you can skip).
  • Pick the Perfect Keyword – Targeting the right keyword is essential, but you don't have to spend an hour (or more) on it for every post. Find out the best and quickest way to tackle keyword research.
  • Find Your Bright Spots – Discover what's already working well so you can bridge from your small wins to big wins.
  • Unlock Maximum SEO for Every Post – Follow the best recipe for optimizing new and existing posts for search. This module gives you everything you need to create the most SEO-friendly title, links, formatting, and everything in between. 
  • Wrangle the Long Tail – Everyone talks about long-tail keywords being an SEO game-changer, but what are they? Get the best strategy for targeting the long tail so you don't feel like you're chasing your tail.
  • Go Beyond the Post – Most bloggers focus only on optimizing individual posts and pages for search. Find out how to take advantage of ranking factors beyond your post.  

...and more.

"A year after taking Sticky SEO, my monthly search traffic has doubled. DOUBLED!

Not only is it great to have the extra page views, but many of my top-ranked SEO posts are also full of affiliate links. That means along with the extra ad revenue, my affiliate earnings are growing too. As just one example, one of my recent posts jumped to #1 on Google, and in the last 30 days it's brought me more than $500 in affiliate earnings. From that one post!

I just love seeing new posts of mine land on the first page of search shortly after posting. I'm so glad I took your course!"

– Katelyn Fagan, What's Up Fagans?


  • 10 modules that will help you grow your search traffic to its full potential
  • 1 SEO planner template so that you can stay on track with your SEO game plan
  • 1 pre-publish master checklist that will remember all the SEO musts so you don't have to
  • Plus access to a private Facebook community where I'm waiting for you right now...
A peek inside Sticky SEO...

"A few months after finishing the Sticky SEO course, I checked my Google Analytics and saw that organic search had become my second highest source of traffic! To be clear, I still had to do the work to optimize my posts for Google, but this course finally gave me everything I needed to make that happen. I still use the SEO checklist from this course for every post I publish. It feels great to publish a new post and see it ranking on the first page of Google in just a couple weeks!"

– Bev Feldman, Linkouture

This is your last chance to access the Sticky SEO course at this price.  

The Course

The Sticky SEO Course

In two lessons a week for 5 weeks, you get a proven step-by-step SEO strategy that will grow your search traffic. Starts Monday, August 28. Learn more.

$149 $179

The Course + Workbook

The Sticky SEO Course + Workbook

Everything you get in the course, plus a printable workbook with bonus exercises and examples. Starts Monday, August 28. Learn more.

$169 $199


You wake up and check Google Analytics, but instead of your heart sinking at what you smile to yourself.

Then you sit down with that first cup of coffee and plan your day. But...

  • All those social media chore threads? Gone from your life.
  • Stressing about the latest algorithm change to Facebook reach or the Pinterest smart feed? No more.
  • Needing to spend every spare minute on your phone pinning, tweeting, and sharing – just to maintain the status quo? Nope.

Because with Sticky SEO in your blogging toolbox, you have a baseline of reliable traffic to your site from organic search.

Your blogging life is less frantic and more focused. You spend more time doing the things you love about blogging because SEO liberated you from everything that was dragging you down. 

When you get 50k then 100k then 200k (and more) page views from search engines alone, anything social media sends your way is just the gravy on top.

And the best part of spending time on SEO? After you set yourself up for SEO success, those top-ranking posts will deliver consistent traffic for months or years afterwards without you having to do anything else.

More and more readers will discover your content in Google, then join your mailing list or follow you on social media or buy the products you recommend – or all of the above.

Higher page views, more sales, less finally cracked the code.


Here's one example of hundreds from Sticky SEO alumni. This is what happens when you conquer SEO once and for all.

What Sticky SEO Can Do For You


If any of these describe you, this course is for you:

  • I haven't really thought about SEO much yet, or
  • I follow the Yoast SEO plugin advice, but that's about it, or 
  • I have a basic understanding of SEO, but I'm not seeing the results I expect, or
  • I know how to do keyword research, but it's time-consuming and overwhelming to do it for every post.

After this course, SEO will finally click for you. 

You'll know how to find the perfect keyword. 

You'll know exactly what your post needs in order to rank on the first page of Google.

And you'll know how to build on each of your SEO successes so that within a few months, your search traffic could be double, triple, or even ten times what it is today.

About Kelly Holmes, Your SEO Sherpa

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company. My first quest in that job? Learn a programming language and teach customers how to use it. Customers who knew nothing about programming to start with.

This meant I had to get comfortable with highly technical concepts and tasks – quickly. But I'm incredibly thankful that I had this experience early in my career. Because it helped me perfect the art of translating technical gobbledygook into something that actually makes sense to real people.

In this 10-module e-course:

  • I'll teach you the exact steps to follow in order to get traction on Google – but in English, not SEO jargon.
  • You'll get practical exercises to apply what you're learning to your own blog right away.
  • All along the way, I'll be there to answer your questions when something isn't clicking with you quite yet.

Above all, you should know that I'm not your average e-course instructor. I'm hands-on, patient, and thorough. Think of me as your guide to help you find your way up the SEO mountain.

This is your last chance to access the Sticky SEO course at this price.  

The Course

The Sticky SEO Course

In two lessons a week for 5 weeks, you get a proven step-by-step SEO strategy that will grow your search traffic. Starts Monday, August 28.

$149 $179

The Course

You'll get...

  • Two lessons each week, so you can keep up with life while you take your search traffic to the next level
  • Practical exercises in every lesson to put what you learn to use right away – no bogus theoretical "homework" in this course
  • Tools you can use as you blog, including a master SEO checklist to help you make sure your future blog posts are the best they can be
  • Access to a private Facebook community where you and your fellow bloggers can ask questions and share encouragement
  • Plus lifetime access to the Sticky SEO course

$149 $179

The Course + Workbook

The Sticky SEO Course + Workbook

Everything you get in the course, plus a printable workbook with bonus exercises and examples. Starts Monday, August 28.

$169 $199

The Course + Workbook

The workbook includes...

  • All the lessons in a PDF format you can print
  • The ability to take notes in the margins, highlight your "aha" moments, and get serious about the learning process
  • Bonus exercises that will help you put Sticky SEO to work on your blog immediately
  • Extra examples from various niches to help you learn

Research shows that note-taking on paper is a more effective way to learn than doing all your reading and note-taking on a computer. Old school for the win! That's why this workbook is the perfect tool for keeping you on track.

$169 $199

The next time this course is offered, prices will increase as shown above.  


This course includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If after you complete the course and consistently apply the Sticky SEO techniques for 60 days, you don't see the results you expect, email me and I'll work with you one-on-one to come up with a plan to get you on track.


To be clear:

  • You will not get a "silver bullet" solution that will get your content ranked in the top spot every single time. SEO doesn't work like that, unfortunately.
  • You will not get a strategy you can execute in 10 minutes one time so you never have to think about SEO again. To achieve success with SEO, you must put in some effort.
  • You will not get a list of shady SEO tricks that could get you a hand-slap (or worse) from Google. That's known as Black Hat SEO, and I don't play that game.

Here's what you will get:

  • A step-by-step strategy you can implement on your own site to bring you more consistent SEO results
  • An efficient approach to SEO that will keep you from spinning your wheels every time you sit down to publish a post
  • Proven, trusted advice that will help you climb the Google ranks the right way

With short, digestible lessons, this course will give you the tools you need to grow your organic search traffic so you can reach new readers – readers who could turn into loyal fans that will join your mailing list, read everything you write, and purchase the products you recommend.


Q: How much time will this course take me?  

During this 5-week course, you'll receive two lessons each week. Each lesson will take you approximately 30 minutes, for a total time commitment of one hour a week.

Plus, each lesson includes practical exercises to help you apply what you're learning immediately.

Q: I can barely keep up with posting regularly. How can I add an online course to my to-do list, too?

Spinning your wheels doing the same old, same old isn't getting you where you want to go.

You'll be more likely to achieve your long-term blogging goals if you put a couple busywork tasks on hold while you take this course.

Instead of posting three times a week, cut back to once or twice. Instead of spending an hour "networking" on Facebook, close that browser tab. Instead of using every spare moment to pin or tweet or check Google Analytics, stop. Take the time to invest in your future, and it will pay off.

Q: What if I start the course and can't keep up?  

Life happens! That's why this course includes lifetime access to all the materials.

Also, as a courtesy to all Sticky SEO alumni, you can email me at any time and ask to jump into any future session of this course to go through the course again.

Q: I'm interested in the full course, but I can't start Monday, August 28. When will you offer it again?

I'm a one-woman show, so I typically offer my courses just a couple times each year. Also, I'm expecting a baby early next year, so it could be a while before I open registration for this course again!

You can stay on the mailing list to hear about the next time, but in the meantime that leaves you blogging the same way you've always blogged and expecting different results.

Here's the truth: Research on time perceptions shows that we typically imagine we'll be less busy in the future. But we're mistaken.

Later is like a mirage in the desert. When you get there, you realize it was a trick of the mind, and now your to-do list is even longer. Stop telling yourself you’ll have more time later. It’s a lie. For all those things you think you’ll get to "one day," you probably won’t

And every time you push something out in your mind, you’ll be disappointed in yourself. Those untackled projects and goals will weigh you down. Sign up today, put it on your calendar, and start down the road that leads to achieving your blogging goals.

Q: I've spent money on other e-courses before and been disappointed. Do you offer any sort of guarantee?  

I get it because as a blogger, I've had that experience with other e-courses myself. This course includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after you complete the course and consistently apply the Sticky SEO techniques for 60 days, you don't see the results you expect, email me and I'll work with you one-on-one to come up with a plan to get you on track.

Q: I'm not very technical when it comes to blogging. Will this class really help me?  

This course is designed for bloggers who haven't tackled SEO yet. Hundreds of bloggers have taken this course without any prior knowledge of SEO, then walked away from the course with a solid understanding of SEO and how to grow their organic traffic.

If you don't consider yourself very technical, you are exactly the type of blogger I wrote this course for.

Q: Will I need any special tools or programs to go through the course?  

To start this course, all you need is yourself and your web browser. Your blogging platform doesn't matter, either.

You'll access the course on a web site, and you'll have a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support throughout your learning process.




Google won't just "figure it out." You definitely can increase your search traffic, but you need a proven SEO strategy to get you there.

Bottom line: When you put the Sticky SEO strategy in place, you'll be on the road to higher search traffic with a steady stream of new readers.

The Course

$149 $179

The Course + Workbook

$169 $199