10 to 20 seconds.

Research shows that's all you get before readers decide whether they should keep reading your post or leave forever

Publishing more blog posts won't do you any good if you don't know how to keep the reader longer than 20 seconds.

You need the Sticky Blogging Formula. In this FREE 7-day course, you'll get the science-backed, 3-step formula for turning your readers into loyal fans who keep coming back for more.

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If you want to grow your blog, you won't get there by just pumping out more and more content in a crowded market where most people stay for a few seconds then leave, never to return again

When you enroll in this course, you'll discover:

  • The three questions you can ask yourself to make sure every post you publish hooks the reader and never lets go
  • The powerful key to blogging success that most bloggers miss
  • How to keep the reader reading and stick the perfect landing that converts her to a loyal fan

But let's be real.

You're already up to your eyeballs in advice for what you should be doing to grow your blog. Write more! Pin more! Network more! More, more, more! 

You don't need more tasks on your blogging to-do-list. You need to find out which tasks will give you the biggest and best results for the time you spend. Results in the form of new subscribers, more traffic, and higher earnings.

Claim your seat in this class, and you'll get 3 lessons over 7 days, with each one taking 30 minutes or less. After one week, you'll know how to step off the hamster wheel of cranking out more and more content that doesn't go anywhere.

You in?


Most free e-courses for bloggers aren't worth your time. They're full of stuff you already know, or they're light on practical tips you can actually use. Or both. 

But this course is different

These unsolicited comments came directly from students in a recent edition of Sticky Blogging Formula...

Kelly Holmes

Your Instructor

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company with hundreds of communications professionals on staff, where I earned a reputation as the best writer and editor at the company. Not because I had some inherent gift but because I studied all the best secrets to attract readers and keep them reading.

Then I quit my job and put all those "sticky blogging" tricks to work on my own site. Now I earn a full-time income as a blogger by working a part-time schedule. Last year, I brought home more than my husband who's an engineer with a master's degree. I post just once a week (or less), but my monthly page views and subscriber list are comparable to blogs in my niche with double or triple the amount of posts in their archives.

All because I use science-backed techniques to hook the reader and never let go. Ready to learn my secrets?


Because the Sticky Blogging Formula is an instructor-led e-course, seats are limited. Click the button below and reserve your spot TODAY in this free 7-day training

Class kicks off Wednesday, February 8.  

Registration closes Tuesday, February 7, at 11:59 pm CST.

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